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Specialty Timber for Your Custom Construction Projects

Improve the quality of your building project with our specialty timber. BHR Timber Products carries a wide range of lumber products, such as soffits, siding, tongue and groove style timber, and shiplap. Our prime-grade W200 center-match one-sided V-groove is great for ceilings, outdoor pavilions, barns, and horse stalls. Flip it over and use it as a beautiful flooring material.

High-Quality Soffits & Siding

Would you like to give your building a unique and distinctive look? We offer the highest-quality products for builders and home remodelers that want a better option than traditional lumber. Our products receive glowing reviews from our customers, which makes us very proud of our excellent reputation in the industry. For instance, our siding and soffits are milled to reveal traditional or custom patterns that attract attention. Whether you want a modern or rustic look, you can achieve it when you depend on BHR Timber Products.

Wood Beams - Lumber Products

Product Details

Our lumber products are available in 1", 2", or 3" sizes in traditional and custom patterns. We specialize in Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, and Western Red Cedar, with additional species available upon request.

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Only the Best Timber

Not all timber is created equal. In fact, if you go to regular home improvement stores, you may find the lumber that is actually subpar. We can do much better than that. Our products are custom milled to ensure only the finest quality lumber. We carry a full range of timbers -- rough or surfaced -- and we can surface and size stock as big as 24' x 28'.

In addition, we only choose Free of Heart Center timbers. That means we cut all of the growth rings, which allows the wood to dry evenly. This creates a stronger and straighter beam, as well as a more appealing one. The lumber that you’d typically find in the “big box” stores will twist, bow, and split due to the release of moisture that is trapped in the wood. But when you buy from BHR, you’ll get only the best for your project.

Contact us to place your order for soffits, shiplap, or siding. We proudly ship our products throughout the nation.